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18 Dec

【Research Proposal】 Continuing Creative Dialogues during Times of Uncertainty

The current emotional climate continues to become increasingly complex as the global health crisis appears to be receding.  This project will build on previous arts-based collaborations between the East and West  that addressed personal experience during the rise in political tensions and the impacts of COVID 19. We will use online meetings to co-create arts-based metaphors in small groups among people from the international community to begin to generate understanding of our current emotional climate. We will use improvised dance, music, art, creative writing/poetry, and fairytale making that is based on everyday experiences from people in many countries.

This meetings will continue from those presented in Harvey, S., Zhou, T., Kelly, E. C., & Wittig, J. (2018). Physical Conversations between the East and West: An Arts Based Inquiry into the Cross-Cultural Emotional Climate during a Time of Political Tensions. Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET), Pages 38 – 57 and Harvey, S. Si Wang, & Kelly,E.C. (In Press) A Review of the Creative Dialogues Project: Using Creative Arts Online during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET).

If you are interested in participating in the research project, please contact Dr. Steve Harvey, Email:

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