Nurturing Compassion in Leadership through the Arts

21 Jul

Nurturing Compassion in Leadership through the Arts


Nurturing Compassion in Leadership through the Arts

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IACAET East-West Dialogue Series 

Stabilization – Breakthrough – Resilience through the Arts

IACAET 东西对话系列: 稳定与破局 –艺术康复 艺术·身心·生命系列(第六季)

As the world continues to adapt and live with Covid-19, we are entering a post pandemic age. Challenges continue to emerge ever clearer – global conflict/war, inflation, climate change, food and water shortages threaten the entire human race. Each of us must deal with ever increasing uncertainties, instability and changes every moment of every day.

Now more than ever, we need novel and creative ideas and actions to assist us in finding balance and stability. Similar to the Chinese symbols of duality, yin and yang, finding a balance between ‘structure of stability’ while also longing for ‘breakthrough and freedom’ become a delicate possibility. In this series, we will explore and foster a ‘dialogue in action’ between Eastern & Western thought regarding how we can use the arts to create new symbols and dance and transform creatively between the dualities, to stabilize ourselves and find a pathway for breakthrough in these challenging times.

This series is presented by the IACAET China Regional Chapter. Our Chinese colleagues will curate and host the sessions in dialogue with our international speakers. These dialogues will search for common ground between East-West in dealing with our current global challenges, reflecting on how we can be empowered by the arts to heighten our social responsibility as professional educators, therapists, researchers and leaders in related fields.

Nurturing Compassion in Leadership through the Arts

Time: 8-9:30am New York / 1-2:30pm London / 8:00-9:30pm Beijing, October 16, 2022

The world is experiencing great turmoil now- the pandemic, war, economic/energy/food crisis cast huge challenges on nations as well as individuals. Now more than ever there is a call for leadership to address these challenges in new and effective ways. Can the arts contribute towards this search for novel directions? Integrating an ‘arts attitude’ in leadership can include leading organizations, developing a strong sense of responsibility in community, for ourselves, and the environment. The arts facilitate compassion and creativity within leadership and can influence mission and vision.

In this 1.5 hr. interactive seminar, Dr. Phillip Speiser, will share stories from his forty years of international experience, having worked and lived in different parts of the world including Scandinavia, Middle East, North America and Africa. As an international speaker, university lecturer and leader of international organizations including IEATA and IACAET, Phillip is passionate about the arts, human understanding and developing international cooperation that transcends disciplines and regions via arts-based leadership. His mentorship and support of younger generations of students and colleagues is filled with compassion and care. He will share his rich experience and knowledge of leading through the arts and professional career development.

This webinar will be curated by and in dialogue with Chinese colleagues and consists of lecture, experiential activity and Q&A.

There is English-Chinese translation for this webinar which will be recorded and accessed by all IACAET members.


Ruixiang Hong

Hong Ruixiang, PhD. of Tsinghua University, Visiting Scholar of Harvard University, and lecturer of National Academy of Education Administration, China. He is passionate about Educational drama, Art Education, drama therapy and Values education. Recipient of the golden mask award of drama education, China, and the prize of Excellent Educational Empirical Dissertation, China.

Liwen Ma

Liwen Ma received her Ph.D. in educational and developmental psychology from Beijing Normal University. She currently is an associate professor and master’s tutor at the Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University. She is the founder and director of the Center for Applied Drama and Expressional Arts Education and Research, Beijing Normal University; visiting scholar, University of Warwick, UK; and part-time master’s tutor at City University of Macau. Founder of Integral Drama Based Pedagogy, she serves as deputy group leader of the drama therapy group of the Professional Committee of Clinical and Counseling Psychology of the Chinese Psychological Society. She is a member of the international editorial board of Creative Arts Education and Therapy, an international academic Journal; a member of the board of the International Association for Creative Arts Education and Therapy (IACAET), and a member of the International Drama and Education Association. Association editor of Beijing Review of Education (BIRE). Professor Ma’s main research areas are applied drama, expressive arts education and therapy, mental health education, and action research. She is devoted to exploring drama and expressive arts as important ways for education and psychotherapy to promote the development of mental health. Prof. Ma is committed to practical action research to promote individual and organizational self-awareness, critical reflection, and active development.

Yongwen Peng

Professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Ph.D. of Performance Studies, Board Member of Shanghai Recitation Association, Deputy Head of Arts Therapeutics Group of Chinese Psychological Society, Member of American Poetry Therapy Association, Certified Trainer of IPMA Committee, Editorial board member of International Journal of Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET), Member of the Second Generation of the Wang Xi‘an TaiChiChuan Lineage.

Phillip Speiser

Phillip Speiser, PhD, REAT, RDT/BC is an expressive arts educator/therapist, drama & music therapist, and psychodramatist who has developed and implemented integrated arts therapy and educational programs for children, adolescents and families for over four decades. He is currently Director of Parkside Arts and Health Associates in Boston Massachusetts. He has served as director at the Arbour Counseling Partial Hospitalization Program in Norwell, MA and also the founding director of the Arts Therapy Department at Whittier Street Health Center, Boston. He has worked and developed programs with individuals and groups in conflict around the globe, including South Africa and the Middle East. He is known in the Boston area for his ongoing commitment and work with violence prevention through the use of the arts. After 9/11 he developed and implemented arts based ‘trauma recovery/prevention’ programs in Boston and New York City. During the 1980’s he lived in Sweden and did pioneering work in the field of Expressive Arts Therapy in Scandinavia. Dr. Speiser is research associate at Drama For Life, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg SA and has taught at numerous universities in the U.S. and abroad. He is the former chairperson of Very Special Arts Sweden and has worked extensively within the fields of mental health, special education, arts and medicine/health/disabilities and conflict resolution.

Tony Zhou

Dr. Zhou holds a doctoral degree in biomedicine and has been working and living in China and Europe for many years. He is the co-founder and Director of Inspirees Institute. Though trained as a scientist, he has been greatly intrigued by modern dance and dance therapy since 2002 and has played an important role in driving the development of dance therapy and creative arts therapies in China. Dr. Zhou serves on an international advisory board for the journal Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. He founded Inspirees Institute and Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET) – Eastern and Western Perspectives, the international open access journal. He is also a certified movement analyst (CMA) trained by LIMS in New York. Dr. Zhou is the team leader for the Chinese Group of Arts Therapy, Chinese Psychological Society, Guest Professor of Beijing Normal University, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, Co-founder and core member of the World Alliance of Dance Movement Therapy (WADMT). He is the founding member and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET).

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