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03 Jul

LBMS Introduction – BF

LBMS Intro course – BF

Oct 1, 2020, Shanghai, China

Instructor: Karen Studd (US), CMA

The Ten Icons of the Buffalo is a series of pictorial images accompanied by philosophy created in the Zen Buddhist tradition to orient and indicate a developmental path to the creative and spiritual self.  The buffalo in different asian traditional texts is often seen as a vehicle of knowledge and understanding associated with personal growth.

The use of movementmeditationdancevisual art and creative writing will be the creative mediums that will indicate the path towards what is known “Awakening”. We awaken, of course, everyday of our lives. The sense of awakening here is about an open more spacious inner attitude in how one lives one’s life. Meditations, writings and visual art will be integrated with stillness and movement. Sounds of the nature and music, as well as, stillness and silence will help us on our way to an inner depth of knowing.Everyday of this 5 day retreat we will work with 2 of the 10 icons.We will experience and discover movement and meditations which will bring us to deepen the sense of becoming more aware of our natural self.
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