IACAET Research

The research presented is dedicated to exploring the liminal spaces emerging in the borderlands between creative arts therapies and creative arts education. It will post a wide range of articles that can be seen as intersecting and often performing a ‘crossing over’ between and within these spaces. The Research page include posts related to methods, methodologies and philosophies. We also encourage the research projects posted here to seek for collaborations across discinplines and regions.

The research field is replete with a wide variety of philosophical, Indigenous, arts based methods and psychological approaches that all inform the significance of the arts in building the resilience and wellbeing of all, from the child to the adult and its benefits to society more generally. Understanding the emerging research significance of iterative approaches across qualitative research and the boundaries in and between creative arts research and therapy has never been more important. Posting articles that provide a crossing over between education and therapy or within research borders and methodologies is our goal. IACEAT seeks to build conversations across all these emerging research areas and open up this very fertile space!

If you are seeking collaboration or want to make a proposal, please contact our Research Committee.